Saturday, April 30, 2016

Latin and Physics Join Forces at Wahconah

Latin and Physics join forces at Wahconah for an exercise in cross-disciplinary learning

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) has made cross-curricular learning one of its signature recommendations for schools in the six-state region. The purpose of this approach is to encourage students to view what they are learning in one class not in isolation, but in concert with the rest of their academic courses. The ultimate goal of cross-curricular teaching and learning is to stimulate students to use their critical thinking skills so they will think “outside the box.” Sometimes a school’s non-stop daily schedule unintentionally prevents both teachers and students from achieving this goal, and often keeps students “locked” into viewing what they learn in one class as separate from information gained in their other five or six classes.

Recently, two Wahconah staff members, Charles Bradshaw and David Dahari, who teach academic subjects that could not be less alike—physics and Latin—agreed to combine two of their classes for two cross curricular sessions. Nearly fifty students met in the Latin classroom, where they shared thoughts and impressions about academic connectivity across the board, and how that matters when it comes to processing everything they learn in school. Both teachers posed essential questions about the importance students should attach to thinking about what they learn in a broader context not simply limited to test and quizzes in one class or another. Although some juniors were among the students involved, a majority were seniors who will be leaving Wahconah in their rear view mirror very shortly.  One of the exercises during the second class included a passage from the Roman writer Lucretius, an atomist, poet and philosopher from the first century before the Common Era. In that selection, he focuses on how irrational the “fear of newness” was then, and the students agreed continues to have a strong presence in our lives some 2,100 years later. The students who will be graduating were asked to share what they might fear about their “new lives” after high school, but what they will also gladly embrace. Mr. Dahari asked students to think about what science really means. Sometimes people equate it with knowledge. But as Mr. Dahari pointed out, what we “know” today may be something very different from what we will “know” five, ten, or fifty years from now. Students offered their thoughts about this, and many were thinking seriously about the process and the purpose of learning as it relates to a holistic overview of the lives they will live after high school.

All in all, both sessions for the combined physics/Latin students yielded positive outcomes. As student Austin Cancilla put it, he felt being in this mixed group was a “healthy” exercise.   Connor Washburn said "I thought it was really amazing that we were able to do so much thinking without lifting a pencil." Connor Matthews just said "I thought it was interesting how much two totally different classes have in common."  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Health Office News - April, 2016

News from the Nurse April 2016

Parents and Guardians are reminded to please keep the school nurse informed, including providing a note from their health care provider, if your child is diagnosed with an illness or sustains a significant injury. This is particularly important if the illness/injury necessitates any accommodation for your student, such as restriction from physical education.

 If your child becomes ill or injured during the school day he or she must see the school nurse for evaluation.  The school nurse will make an assessment and will contact the parent or guardian before a dismissal takes place.  When possible please make medical appointments for after the school day. If your child needs a medical appointment during the school hours and needs to be picked up early or will come in late please notify Mrs. Stowers well in advance and provide the school nurse with a Dr.’s note.

If your child needs medication to be administered during the school day, please notify the school nurse to make arrangements. Students are not permitted to carry their own medication other than EPI PEN and inhalers.

Parents and guardians of 9th graders: health screenings will be continuing through April. You will be notified by mail if your student does not pass a vision, hearing or postural screening. You are reminded that all students entering grade 10 are required, by the Department of Public Health, to submit a recent report of physical examination to the school nurse before the start of school in September. This is especially important if your student does not play a sport for WRHS. The reports can be dropped off to me at school or mailed or faxed to my desk.

Parents and Guardians of Seniors: your student will receive their cumulative health record including a print out of their immunizations at the end of the year during graduation rehearsal. This is important information to keep in a safe place for future reference.  All colleges, the military and some places of employment have immunization requirements. It will convenient in the future to have access to these records.

With Prom and the Spring/Summer season around the corner, please be aware of the dangers of tanning, especially the use of tanning salons and discourage your teen from tanning. Tanning and sunburn can have very serious consequences, particularly to teenagers.  Sunburn and tanning, particularly from the use of tanning salons, has been shown to be closely linked to the development of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns; I can be reached at ph. 684-1330 x 5; fax: 684-1330. Email:

Phoebe Bushway RN MS NCSN

Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Senior End-of-Year Schedule


Seniors’ last day of classes: 
·         Monday, May 23

Senior Final Exams:
·         Tuesday, May 24 (Day 7 - per. TBA)
·         Wednesday, May 25 (Day 1 - per. TBA)
·         Thursday, May 26 (Day 2 - per. TBA)
·         Friday, May 27 (Day 3 - per. 4 with graduation rehearsal to follow)

Senior Events and Graduation Rehearsal Schedule:
·         Friday, May 27 (graduation rehearsal  12:30 – 2:21pm)
o   Explain expectations
o   Organize the class with seating arrangement; clipboards with name order
o   Practice processional/recessional
·         Sunday, May 29 - PROM
·         Monday, May 30 – NO SCHOOL (MEMORIAL DAY)
·         Tuesday, May 31 (Class Trip – Time/Place TBA)
·         Wednesday, June 1 (graduation rehearsal 9:00 – 11:00am; Class Picnic to follow)
o   Distribution of health records, caps/gowns, graduation tickets
o   Senior Assembly practice w/Mr. Bradshaw
·         Thursday, June 2 (final graduation rehearsal 9:00 – 11:00am; report cards distributed)
o   Practice handing of diplomas with Ms. Casna and Mr. Armacost
·         Thursday, June 2 (Class Night @ 7pm; graduates assemble in A lobby at 6:15pm)
·         Friday, June 3 (Senior Assembly @ 10am; graduates assemble in gym at 9:30am)
·         Sunday, June 5 (Graduation @ 1pm; graduates assemble in A lobby at 12:15pm)

·         Graduation rehearsals are mandatory
o     NO SHOW to Graduation Rehearsal  on May 27 =  no Class Trip and no Senior Assembly
o   NO SHOW to Graduation Rehearsal  on June 1 and/or June 2 = no Senior Assembly
o   NO SHOW to Class Night on June 2 = no Senior Assembly

·         Caps/gowns will not be released until all academic/financial obligations are met